Already in Athens ?… You can always go swimming !!

The  coastline of  Attica offers a variety of  beaches , some organised some free , where you can have fun without having to drive long distances. Here’s some of them : (contact us for details)


62,7 km. or 1h & 15 min from the center of Athens . Bus from PEDION AREOS

Not an organised beach. Sand and clear blue water. There is a canteen  and  tavernas in the area. Interesting sight : the temple of  Poseidon in Sounion. There is also  a detailed map of a bike path

  • PSATHA(ΨΑΘΑ) 66km. from the center ,a little before PORTO GERMENO (ΠΟΡΤΟ ΓΕΡΜΕΝΟ). Clear water ,small pebbles in and out ,many ouzo places and tavernas around. If you want meat ,go to VILIA (ΒΙΛΙΑ). Free entrance to the beach. Beautiful mountains around it. Quiet and relaxing atmosphere.
  • YaBaNaKi Near VARKIZA . Very well organised beach. Activities for adults and children. Restaurants ,cafe’s and bars. Rooms also available where you can rest or spend the night.                                  
  • PORTO RAFTI (ΠΟΡΤΟ ΡΑΦΤΙ) 43,3 km. from the center. Clear water and good for swimming ,free beaches. Lots of fish tavernas in the area – we recommend BIBIKOS.

Situated in Vouliagmeni 20,7 km. from the center of Athens. Only 30 min. by car . Also accessible by tram from Syntagma or Faliron as far as  Glyfada or Voula and the by bus No 114 to the entrance. Very cosmopolitan. You might see your face in a life style magazine. Water sports available .  Eating : TGI FRIDAYS ,STARBUCKS.