Best rooftop bars of Athens

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Athens is not only a city full of history, it is also a city with a vibrant night scene. Regarding nightlife the city has a lot to offer from wine bars, beer gardens, bars and clubs to venues with live music. There is something for everyone.  One of my favourite places to go out in Athens at night are the rooftop bars where you can have a drink while admiring the city’s landmarks.


Here is a list of my favourite rooftop bars in Athens:

Skyfall restaurant and bar


Next to Kallimarmaro stadium Skyfall restaurant and bar has a big rooftop veranda offering magnificent views to the Acropolis and the historical centre of Athens. Skyfall is divided in two levels; the restaurant that serves quality dishes and the bar with its signature cocktails and delicious tapas and finger food.

You can find it at Markou Mousourou

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Central Athens traffic restrictions


Central Athens traffic restrictions back on Monday 12/10/15


Traffic restrictions in central Athens, aimed at curbing congestion and pollution levels, will go back into effect on Monday following the summer hiatus.

The restriction ring is delineated by Alexandras Avenue, Zacharof Street, Mesogeion Avenue, Pheidipidou, Michalakopoulou, Spyrou Merkouri, Vraxidos, Ymittou, Ilia Iliou, Frantzi, the start of Syngrou Avenue, Hamosternas, Pireos, Iera Odos, Constantinoupoleos, Achileos, Karaiskaki Square, Karoulou, Marni and Patission Street, where it meets with Alexandras.

According to the restrictions, cars with number plates ending in an odd number can enter the restricted ring on odd days and cars with plates ending in an even number can enter on even days.



Nicopolis, an unknown massive archaeological site !

Nicopolis – Discover Greece With Dave’s

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Nicopolis is probably the biggest archaeological site in Greece people have never heard of. OK, fair enough, SOME people have heard of Nicopolis, but not many. Is this because it’s really Roman in origin? Is it because it sits quite isolated on the west coast of Greece? Or is it because no-one can decide if they should spell it Nikopolis or Nicopolis? Who Knows?! Come and discover a less known part of Greece with Dave’s Travel Pages…

About Nicopolis

Nicopolis is a massive archaeological site, located near the modern Greek city of Preveza. Unlike many ancient Greek sites, such as Delphi or Mycenae, its name does not appear in Greek myths and legends. In fact, describing it as an ancient Greek site at all is perhaps a little misleading. The reason for this, is that Nicopolis was founded in 31BC by the Roman Octavian to commemorate his victory in the Battle of Actium against Antony and Cleopatra.

The name Nicopolis literally means ‘City of Victory’, but it was far more than that. It was a symbol of a reunified Roman Empire, and was also perfectly positioned as a trade, communication, and transport hub between the Eastern and Western parts of the Mediterranean. This was all fine whilst the Roman Empire was all powerful. At the point that wandering gangs of Goths, Heruli, and other assorted tribes started sacking cities, its isolation was a little more apparent.

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Top day trips from Athens Greece


As a tourist destination, Athens is a city full of cool attractions. From archaeological sites, museums, shops, traditional restaurants and trendy bars to white sand beaches with clear waters. Athens has something for everyone. If you are staying in Athens for a couple of days, it’s worth making a day trip and discover a different part of Greece. Here is a list of the most popular day trips from Athens:


Delphi day trip from Athens


Delphi is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece and home to the famous oracle. Delphi was declared as a World Heritage Center from UNESCO. On your day excursion to Delphi you will have the chance to visit the Temple of Apollo, the ancient theatre and the archaeological museum among other places of interest. On your way to Delphi you can also stop to the nearby village of Arachova, a very popular winter resort.


Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon day trip from Athens

Sounio is located only 69 km away from Athens making it the perfect half day or full day trip from Athens. At Sounio you will have the chance to visit the temple of Poseidon that dates back from 44 BC and admire the incredible view across the Aegean sea. During the summer months you can swim at the crystal clear waters of a nearby beach and have some fresh seafood in a seafront taverna. Don’t forget to admire one of the most magnificent sun sets

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Registrations for the Marathon Race of 33rd Athens Marathon, the Authentic Marathon, open today, almost eight months before this year’s event, which is getting ready to welcome more than 35,000 runners of all ages with 15,000 of them running the entire Authentic Marathon Course.

A unique event, an exceptional lifetime experience for all Marathon runners around the world, held in Greece of culture and of sports. A celebration of human will and mind, of solidarity and primary values, bearing messages for a better future at personal, community, national and international level. We invite all the Marathon runners around the world as well as all those that would like to try themselves for the first time on the absolute endeavor and course of 42,1295m, to register in time. The great interest on the event from Greece and abroad leads us to the conclusion that registrations for the Marathon Race will be over very-very soon this year. So, hurry …. in order to run!

As to the 10km & 5km Road Races, the Organizing Committee is announcing that due to the incredibly enormous interest for these two races by organizations, other authorities, clubs, firms and any kind of community in Greece but abroad as well, and with the participation limits remaining the same as last year, registrations for the 10km & 5km Road Races will open on 01 April 2015, at 12.00pm sharp and will last only a few hours.

Those of you who wish to participate in the 10km & 5km Road Races just wait a few more days and get ready to click on the Registrations link on 01 Aprils 2015 in order to secure a place.

The Official Registration Period for the 2015 ATHENS MARATHON event – Marathon Race opens on 16 March 2015. Registrations will automatically close once the participation limit per race is met (Participation Limit in the Marathon Race: 14.000)

CLICK ON: Registrations – Marathon (in En)

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Contemporary graffiti art on the walls of Athens

The hardships and unemployment of the Greek economic collapse have led to a new wave of innovative graffiti, which is both politically aware and socially accepted – making Athens a new Mecca for street artists

Surveillance by the state also features highly in the minds of graffiti artists in Athens

A blessing from above? Athens is anointed by a graffiti artist who is perhaps worthy of higher praise

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Home-made spoon sweet, authentically Greek!


I tasted “spoon sweets” for the very first time when I was very young. In our garden my grandfather had planted two apricot trees which made delicious apricots and their stone was as sweet as almonds. Every summer around June, my mother used to pick apricots while they were still hard. The ripe fruit was used by the ladies living in the neighborhood to make delicious jam. I remember my mother doing this job with love and patience. She would wash the apricots, peal them, left them overnight in lime and then placed them carefully in a large heavy pot to cook them. Instead of almonds she would add in the sweet the stones of the apricots which she would break with a wooden hammer. The sweet smell of apricot remains for days at home. And the color of the syrup was so bright…
Aunt Asimina used to make sweet and sour cherries from the trees she had in her yard while grandmother Elenitsa was a specialist in making sweet grape with lots of almonds.
The serving of this particular type of sweets in the 50′s was still a ritual. The jars with the sweets of various fruit were locked in a closet away from the reach of children of the house. The jars appeared whenever there were visitors at home. The “spoon sweet” was served in a special jar with spoons hanging from its neck. Each visitor would take a spoonful of the sweet straight from the jar and serve it on a special crystal plate. Probably the name of this sweet comes from this particular procedure.
“Spoon sweet”! A unique name! I could never find a corresponding name in other languages. The “Spoon sweet” slowly began to lose its primacy in the family houses. As in the 60’s the electric refrigerator found its place in Greek homes, initially in big cities and later in little towns and villages, the ladies of the house turned their interest into more sophisticated sweets based on outlandish ingredients which could be kept in the refrigerator. The “spoon sweet” was put aside and began to be regarded as old fashioned, forgotten by most households even in the country side…
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It’s time for an open-air cinema !



One of the most enjoyable and popular features of Athens in the summer is the open air or summer (“therina”) cinemas. You may never have been to one, but… trust us : you are going to love them! There is definitely one near or in your neighbourhood. The surroundings are lovely, lots of green, the night sky above you, beer and pop-corn and a film – either old or new. You don’t have to book your tickets in advance – just go and get them on the spot ! You can find summer cinemas in some holiday resorts as well (eg. Kamari cinema in Santorini which also has great drinks).

Open  air cinemas operate from May to September. Some of them have a retractable roof, which can be pulled in case of rain.

An enchanting experience

photo: Open-air cinema “THISSION”, which was awarded as one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world.

photo source: Cine Thission, official Facebook Page

Eating Fish in Greece

While 80% of Greece is mountainous, you associate Greece with the sea, and Greeks have a very strong sea culture. Let’s not forget that Greece has a coastline of over 13000 km making it the country with second largest coastline in Europe. Fish have always had a special position in Greece. In antiquity it was a major part of the local diet and the main source of protein. In modern Greece they are equally special. The photos above are significant because they show how common and important fish was in the daily life in Greece. The illustrations are from a Greek school book first published in 1955, it was used in Greek schools until 1978. Every time I see these photos, especially the one with the mother holding fresh fish and the daughter bringing the olive oil and the pan to fry them, I remember the smell of frying fish taking over the whole neighborhood and how it tasted so good.

Fish consumption in the traditional Mediterranean diet was mainly limited to small fish like sardines and anchovies sometime fresh, but many times salted or marinated. Those who lived near the coast had easier access to fresh fish while those who lived in mountainous areas bought their fish from the fishmonger who would come once or twice a week in summer, less often in the winter.

Apart from eating fish at home, going out for fish is a special occasion. Taking someone out for fish in Greece is the equivalent of taking out someone for a filet mignon if you were to eat meat. It is the ultimate honor for your guest. When I say fish, in this case it is usually supposed to be some huge extravagant fish grilled and accompanied by one of my favorite sauces latholemono (olive oil and lemon-see recipe below) and simple steamed vegetables or boiled horta (wild greens). Since the fish is the centerpiece, there is no need for rich appetizers or complex side dishes.

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