Antikythera Shipwreck – New Discoveries


Video Maps Antikythera Shipwreck and Shows New Discoveries

Despite the official attempt to keep a lid on the discoveries of the latest Antikythera shipwreck expedition, some details from a video showing the new discoveries have been leaked

According to sources familiar with the video, the bronze spear that was discovered, was not part of any of the statues already been discovered. This has spurred hopes that a large statue will be found, to which the spear once belonged.

As for the golden ring, it is speculated that it was not part of the ship’s cargo but belonged to one of its passengers. According to reports, the ring was found next to a woman’s skeleton.

It has thus been speculated that perhaps it belonged to a bride, traveling from the East to Italy along with her dowry.

The amphoras were found 250 meters away from the wreck. This adds weight to the theory that there were in fact two ships that sank. However, a large part of the research team believes that the amphoras and surrounding artifacts were all part of the same ship.

The new expedition is focusing on an area of the main wreck that has not been thoroughly explored before: the ship’s prow

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