Students Create Art Against Modern Slavery
No Project | U.S. Embassy Athens | Vryssaki art center |

While the incident of exploitation of immigrants in Manolada, Ilia, shocks the Greek public opinion, students of the schools of Attica send their own message against modern slavery with their works of art for the exhibition, Step2Freedom, which will be presented at the Vryssaki art center in Athens.

Students, from 15 to 18 from public schools of Attica, present artworks, videos, poetry, stories, essays, songs and dance, using every form of expression that inspires them to send a message against the exploitation of humans throughout the world.

“Do not turn your back, it could be you. Therefore, helping those people should be your primary thought”, 16-year old student Nikos writes in his poem.

Step2Freedom, which will run from April 19 to 30, is co-organized by the U.S Embassy, the non-profit organization, No Project, and the Vryssaki art center. It constitutes the culmination of a series of educational workshops in the framework of the No Project initiative, which were conducted in public schools of Attica. The workshops aimed at raising students’ awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking….

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