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StartUp Safary Athens 2016 !
StartUp Safari 2016 |


Startup Safary is a multi-dimensional event that guides its participants through the startup ecosystem of the hosting city. It started in 2013 in Berlin, Germany from members of the city’s startup ecosystem. Since then the event has expanded to other European cities and from 2014 it is also taking place in Athens, Greece, a city with the thriving startup ecosystem the last years, especially during the financial crisis.


Although Greece has a long history of entrepreneurship and doing business and although the first online companies started appearing in the country as early as 1998-1999, following the rise in the USA, it was only after 2010 with the economic crisis that startups started taking off. Five years in, Greece has a developing startup scene, with a lot of companies scoring big funding rounds or acquisitions, while many initiatives have started aiming at supporting new entrepreneurs.


This year’s event is dedicated to female entrepreneurship. Three dynamic and charismatic women are leading the event this year:


Eleftheria Zourou, CEO of  Doctor Any Time is in charge of the women entrepreneurs’ program, Christina Fili, of ASHOKA  Greece, is in charge of the social entrepreneurship program, and  Maria Leontiou, Head of Innovation Centre of Eurobank, who will be the curator of the program FinΤech.


Participating in this year Startup Safary Athens:


The Egg, Found.ation, Orange Grove, ΘΕΑ, ASHOKA, η AEPHORIA, the incubator-accelerator VIVA Nest, Militos Consulting, The People’s Trust, ΤΟΓΜΕ, (of ΕΕDΕ), Living Postcards platform,, JMK with Giannis Calogerakis, YOLENIS


This is our program for Startup Safary Athens November 2016.

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For the second time in a row, “LIVIN’ and LOVIN’ it in Greece” is supporting STARTUP SAFARI ATHENS



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