Startup Safary Athens 2014
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Startup Safary Athens is a 2-day event where companies, incubators, accelerators open their doors to invite people for various events, i.e. workshops, meetups, networking events, office tours, recruitment sessions and much more.


The event that allows participants to explore startups from behind the scenes will move from Berlin to Athens on the 22nd and the 23rd of November.



The free event has more than 70 events in more than 10 locations across the city from tech giants such as Google to successful international startups such as travelplanet24 and accelerators. Startup Safary has already confirmed more than 30 company participants not to mention more than 15 initiatives supporting youth entrepreneurship


Participants will have the opportunity to follow themed routes such as “Funding” or “e-commerce”, or create a customized route based on their favorite events. Incubators, startup offices will be pit stops for networking.

It enjoys the support of the Ministry of Networks, Ministry of E-Governance, Ministry and Tourism, the City Of Athens and the German-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce among other prestigious organisations 

To find more about Startup Safary and to register please visit:

Attending is free, but the number of attendees is limited. click here


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