“Sound of Friendship”
Embassy of the Republic of Korea |


The Bridges series is directed by Dimitris Maragopulos

In collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea



The series “Bridges” welcomes GongMyoung from the Republic of Korea in a unique music evening with the band’s most representative songs: Tree Spike moss, Camelopardalis, Luna, Walk about, Play with us!, Sunflower, Joy etc.

Park Seung-Won, Lim Yong-Ju, Song Kyong-Keun, Kang Sun-II

Performing arts group GongMyoung, formed in 1997, re-interprets classical Korean music in a modern way and is Korea’s most inspired drumming collective today.
GongMyoung pursues diversity in traditional Korean music, through the unlimited possibilities of the bamboo. Its music is a kind of profound play. GongMyoung synthesizes various kinds of music and sounds into a harmonious artwork. From its debut, the group has been described as “exceptional” and “unconventional,” attracting the interest of many throughout the world. By combining Dionysian rhythmic energy with the uniquely lyrical traditional Korean music, GongMyoung creates new horizon for modern Korean music. Such innovative musical ideas open up a whole new world of music, which is steeped in the traditional Korean music known as “gugak,” yet, different.
In 2009, they held a UK tour in October, performing in 7 cities across the country, and in 2010, they were invited to the SXSW music festival held in Austin, Texas, one of the biggest music festivals in the US.


Vass. Sofias &Kokkali str.

Banqueting Hall 

15 October 2014/21:00

Students, young people, unemployed, individuals with special needs: € 6
Families having many children, +65: € 10
Zone B: € 16
Zone A: € 25

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