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On June 3 & 4 2010, the Badminton Theatre hosts the impressive show of Shen Yun Performing Arts. This is the first time Shen Yun comes to Greece. The company came together in 2006 in New York by accomplished Chinese artists. Its main goal is the revival of the original Chinese traditional culture and constitutes the foremost company of Chinese dance and music in the world. Its shows comprise about 20 independent parts of dance, music and song. Beauty, light, rich and bright colours, harmony, grace, elegance and charm are its dominant features further enriched by the energy and dynamism of the movement.The 40 member orchestra marries Chinese traditional and classical western musical instruments in an innovative way, to produce a unique and exceptionally harmonious sound, that literally has no precedent in the history of world music.The costumes of the dancers are handmade according to the original tradition while the huge screen that is digitally projected behind the artists transports the spectator to the centre of the stage.A fundamental and distinctive characteristic of Shen Yun Performing Arts is its complete independence from the authority of the Chinese regime.In 2009 there were more than 340 shows in more than 100 cities and theatres in the world including Radio City Music Hall (New York), Royal Festival Hall (London), Palais de Congres de Paris (Paris) and many others.

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03 & 04/06

Badminton Theater, Alsos Stratou, GOUDI

nearest metro station: Katehaki

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