Serj Tankian
Terra Vibe Park (Malakasa) |

Serj Tankian, the frontman of System of a Down, comes to Greece on Tuesday 17 August, in TerraVibe Park, in Athens, for a totally unconventional concert.
The concert is going to be a truly unique and out of the ordinary music experience, full with the powerful voice of Serj Tankian, soul of System of A Down. We are going to enjoy songs from the albums of the band memorable for the political meaning, as well as from his personal album “Elect the Dead”. It is going to be a special night that all the symphonic parts of the songs are going to be lead by an eight members’ classical band. It is an experiment that he tried in his personal live album “Elect the Dead Symphony”, this time combined with a full electric band.
Serj Tankian is not only a sensitive troubadour/songwriter,but also a unique poet, an activist and a citizen of the world. A multi-personality that has stands out in the music industry. Serj Tankian will be for one and only show, with an eight member classical orchestra, on Tuesday 17th August, in TerraVibe Park, in Athens


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