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SM is an online magazine that highlights creative works throughout our world. SM features artwork in all media with extensive gallery layouts and highlights all areas of our creative lives through regular columns and featured articles.

Serendipity Magazine is published quarterly online.  To read the latest issue, click on the image

Meet the Serendipity Magazine Team:

We have an amazing team of artists and creatives who consistently support and encourage our community at Serendipity Magazine. It is their faith in our idea at SM – our idea that creativity and art can transform our lives and that by sharing creative ideas with one another, we can effectively transform our world – and their dedication to this idea that has strengthened our publication through the years


Our editorial staff …

SiaCorrina Durocher – Editor in Chief

Sia started Serendipity Magazinefive years ago. In addition to working as SM’s Editor in Chief, Sia serves as SM’s graphic designer, Social Media Editor and Publisher. The wearing of many hats keeps the dream alive!






Christina Lambert – Galleries Editor


 Christina has been withSerendipity Magazine since its first issue five years ago. She has written many articles for SMover the years and though she continues to share her writing with us, she is also now our Galleries Editor and one of our Interviewers.



SM is published using the Yudu platform. Click on any cover image to read that issue online now.

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