“Seek and you shall Find”

Dear Community,
We firmly believe that by exchanging information you make your life easier and you can always be of assistance to others and at the same time, be assisted by others.
 Bearing this in mind, we are offering new Categories & Sections in our site where you can be informed about:

*Classifieds you send,

(as you can imagine, it will deal with everything that can be bought, sold, given, shared, etc)
*Seasonal (and non seasonal) Events  such us:
School Events
Religious Services
Community Events
 Charity Events
The events that are coming up shortly will also be published on our first page under “More News”.

 Send us your text & photo(s) through the “Contact” banner, or to: info@livinlovin.gr

 and we will post them.

Visit the site  frequently as it is updated every day.

We’ll be more than happy to contribute to the strengthening of bonds between community members.

Livin’ and Lovin’ it in Greece

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