Second-hand BAZAAR at the M.C.F.
Michael Cacoyannis Foundation |

Sunday, February 3rd 2013
From 11:00 to 18:00

at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

For the support of the community charities of the parish of the Estavromenos Church, in Tavros

Following the festive days, during the birth of a new year, neediness does not cease to be… on the contrary, it emerges imperative and sometimes unremitting! The Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, at the dawn of 2013, begins a new effort in order to support the Parish of Estavromenos Church in Tavros, here at the Foundation’s neighborhood, in the city of Tavros.The turnout of the numerous and diverse initiatives will support the food supplies being offered daily to 85 unprivileged persons of the parish.

The numbers are impersonal, however revealing the reality, which persistently counts 2.550 portions of food per month and additionally 50 packages with food supplies per month, cloth offerings, and pharmaceutical as well as medical coverage and… and… in just one neighborhood, which seeks for warm hearts in order to move along…

Supporters to this first initiative of the New Year, several friends of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, ladies who have the goodwill and the capability to offer clothes of theirs for the bazaar that is going to be organized in February 3rd 2013, from 11:00 to 18:00.

Popular friends like Tzina Alimonou, Emily Brown, Katia Dandoulaki, Pemi Zouni, Mimi Denisi, Magda Polykandrioti, Vivi Polykandrioti, Rodanthi Senduka, Evi Chatzimichail, Poly Chrysanthakopoulou, as well as Litsa and Elena Antzaka,Katerina and Anny Koufomichael, Argyro, Despina, Eleanna, Margarita, Maria, Stella and so many others who continually increase the list, devoted fellows of the effort, they offer unique creations in order to be sold in special prices of €5, €10 and €20.

In addition, the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation has a lot of men friends and for sure male clothes will not be absent of its second hand bazaar as well as various accessories.

Everyone’s offers are welcome, the list is open. The Parish of Estavromenos Church has a lot of needs and the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation all the goodwill in tough times, troublesome times, to accept and offer support, hope, perspective…

You are welcome!

Sunday, February 3rd 2013
Address: Piraeus 206, Tavros, Athens
Information +30 210-3418550

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