Schaubühne am lehniner platz

Thomas Ostermeier
Henrik Ibsen, John Gabriel Borkmann

Direction Thomas Ostermeier
Set Design: Jan Pappelbaum,
Costume Design:  Nina Wetzel
Music: Nils Ostendorf
Dramaturgy: Marius von Mayenburg
Lighting Design: Erich Schneider


John Gabriel Borkmann: Josef Bierbichler,
Gunhild Borkmann, his wife: Kirsten Dene,
Erhart Borkmann, his son: Sebastian Schwarz,
Ella Angela Winkler, Gawlich’s twin sister: Angela Winkler
Fanny WIlton: Cathlen Gawlich
Vilhelm Foldal Felix, clerk:  Römer,
Frida Foldal, his daughter: Elzemarieke de Vos

This work, written by Ibsen in 1896, captures the passions of a generation and remains extraordinarily relevant today. The son of a coal-miner, John Gabriel Borkman became a bank manager. In order to rise up through the social ranks, he left a woman and married her twin sister for her money. He embezzled the funds entrusted to him, and after his release from prison locked himself in his room for eight years, until the last night of his life. It is on this night that the play is set.

This bold staging of John Gabriel Borkmann – filtered through the directorial vision of Thomas Ostermeier – boasts celebrated actors of the German stage in its lead roles. It received excellent reviews in France and Germany, where it has already played, and is highly anticipated by Peiraios 260 audiences.

24 – 27 June 2010, 21:00

Peiraios 260, Stage H

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