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The Museum of Cycladic Art will host from 12 May until 12 September an exhibition with works by the British artist Sarah Lucas.

© SARAH LUCAS, photography Julian Simmons, courtesy Sadie Coles HQ, LondonIt will be showing new work from the Nuds series, an important development in Lucas’s work, a self-reflecting series that moves away from the gender-based critique

of her work in the ‘90s and takes the earlier figurative ‘bunny’ sculpture series to a more abstract form. There are interesting links to British sculpture in the twentieth century, such as Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore, as well as an influence from Louise Bourgeois, Bellmer and others.

Lucas makes sculptures from a heterogeneous and unexpected range of everyday materials, such as worn furniture, clothing, fruit, vegetables, newspapers, cigarettes, cars, resin, plaster, neon lamps and light fittings. The abject appearance of many of her works belies the serious and complex subject matter they address. She makes constant reference to the human body, questioning gender definitions.

(text and photo taken from the official

Museum of Cycladic Art site)

12 May – 12 September 2010

Museum of Cycladic Art, Stathatos Mansion (Temporary exhibitions)
Vasilissis Sophias Ave and 1 Irodotou St.

Line 3: stations Evangelismos, Syntagma (Line 3 terminates at the Eleftherios Venizelos Airport)
Line 2: station Syntagma

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