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Roland Zee at Syntagma square
City of Athens |

As a young admirer of magic and comedy theater, Roland Zee found he, too, had a few tricks up his sleeves. Commencing his extensive artistic career in his native southern Brazil, he participated in several theatrical creations with the Brazilian troupe, Vira Lata.

Throughout the 1980’s, Roland specialized his skills in the art of mime. He left for Brazilian cultural capital Rio de Janeiro to study with mime actress Luiza Monteiro and disciple of Marcel Marceau, Luiz de Lima. Roland soon moved on to produce solo sketches, and was invited to take part in Brazilian film and television programs.

But as his skills and interest developed, Roland gravitated toward the capital of the art of mime, Paris, France. Landing in Europe, he sought the instruction of Steven Wasson, Corrine Soum and Daniel Stein at L’École de Mime Corporel Dramatique. It was there he perfected the technique of Étienne Decroux, master of Marceau and Jean-Louis Barrault. During these years it was not an uncommon sight to catch Roland putting his education to practice “on the street” just outside Paris’ Centre Pompidou.

Into the 1990’s, Roland regularly took part in street festivals and television programs across mainland Europe, as well as in Britain, Scandinavia, Russia, Brazil, Hong Kong and Japan.

Ever receptive to a challenge, Roland enrolled in numerous workshops with Phillipe Gaulier, including theatrical directing, mask game, Tchekhov and Shakespearian Theater, neutral mask, “The Play” and “The Clown.”

With his cumulative experience in theater arts, Roland organized and animated several workshops on corporeal expression in theater and mime for students in France and Brazil. He continued to work full-time as a performer, participating in theater festivals across Europe, as well as appearing in various Parisian cabarets including La Nouvelle EveCesar Palace and Le Milliardaire. For five years he worked regularly at Parc Asterix theme park of France.

In another change of continents, Roland relocated to the United States and recently produced and performed his show “A Visual Comedy Act” at Walt Disney’s Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida.


  • Rassegna Europea di Cabaret – Palermo (Italy)
  • Festival Premio Strada – Milano (Italy)
  • Fringe Festival – Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
  • II Festival International du Spectacle pour Enfants – Bordeaux (France)
  • Festival d’Aurillac – Aurillac (France)
  • II Rassegna Internazionale del Music – Hall e dell’Arte Circense – Milazzo (Italy)
  • Niort l’été Dehors – Niort (France)
  • Place à la Rue – Cognac (France)
  • Gran Premio Internazionale del Circo – Riva del Garda (Italy)
  • Worldcup in Shizuoka – (Japan)


“Prix Spécial du Jury” Festival Premio Strada – Milan (Italy)

“Le Premier Prix” Festival International du Spectacle pour Enfants de Bordeaux – (France)

“The Crazy Circus Gang” Grand Premio del Circo – (Italy)

“Audience Choice Best Clown Character Nomitation” 2010 Golden Nose Clown Review – New York (USA)

“Prix Spécial du Jury” Festival Premio Strada – Milan (Italy)

“Le Premier Prix” Festival International du Spectacle pour Enfants de Bordeaux – (France)

“The Crazy Circus Gang” Grand Premio del Circo – (Italy)

text, video & photo source: official website

Roland Zee will be at Syntagma sq.

from SATURDAY 22  to MONDAY 24 DECEMBER : 12.00 – 16.00, and

from THURSDAY 27 to SATURDAY 29 DECEMBER: 12.00 – 16.00

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