Rimini Protokoll – Daniel Wetzel & Helgard Haug

Prometheus in Athens

Dissolving the boundaries between reality and myth, the pioneering documentary theatre group Rimini Protokoll explores here the effects ancient tragedy has on contemporary life: Who identifies with Prometheus and who with Io? Who with Hermes and who with Oceanus? 100 Athenians, representing Athens in statistical terms of age, sex, district and nationality, will declare their similarities to – and differences from – the tragic heroes on stage. Prometheus is only the beginning. From him shall spring 100 Athenian voices, each representing 40.000 Athenians. They turn Aischylos’ “Prometheus” into a source of questions and reveal unheard statistical facts on stage.

Direction: Helgard Haug, Daniel Wetzel
Dramaturgy: Sebastian Brünger
Assistant Director and Research: Prodromos Tsinikoris
Research and Co-operation: Anestis Azas, Giolanta Markopoulou, Christina Poluchroniadou
Ancient Tragedy Consultant: Kostas Valakas
Set: Gkai Stefanou
Lights: Nikos Vlasopoulos
Music: Jeff Gonzalez aka MC BNC & IMAM BAILDI
DJ, bass: Orestis Falireas
Drums, percussions: Lissandros Falireas
Clarinet, Sax: Giannis Diskos
Trumpet: Periklis Aliopis
Bouzouki: Alexis Arapatsakos
Guitars, Vocals: Spiros Vrionis
Accordion, Vocals: Giorgos Zografos
Sound Engineering: Xaris Kremmidas

Direction: Athena Tsagari
Photography Direction: Ilias Adamis
Production: Kostas Kefalas
Assistant Direction: Maria Hatzakou
Camera: Ilias Adamis, Giorgos Argiroiliopoulos, Dionissis Efthimiopoulos, Irini Zevgoli, Simos Sarketzis, Despoina Spirou.
Editing: Matt Johnson, Sandrine Cheyrol

Web design: wemove
Mask: Martha Foka
Sign Language Interpreter: Sofia Rompoli

Konstantina Kouneva is represented by Efi Kiourtidou

An Athens Festival Production
In collaboration with Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture

source: greek festival

15 July 2010, 21:00

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

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