“Rebirth” by Sakis Papagiannis
Michael Cacoyannis Foundation |

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation presents Sakis Papagiannis’ Visual Arts Exhibition entitled “Rebirth”.

The Exhibition comprises of 3D wall work pieces, manufactured by hard surfaces, whose visual outer cover self destructs in order to reveal its real inner content. Materials, objects, emotions which left their last breath but yet, they have not died. They come into a new life and therefore their soul still exists. They are set free in the journey of creation, change form and usage and reside in paintings, sculptures and visual art installations.

Biographical Notes
Sakis Papagiannis was born and lives in Thessaloniki. He is an art director in the advertising industry. Since 1994 he has been composing pictures and visualizing messages. He paints, photographs and creates visual art works with unused materials that finds himself in their natural space: construction sites, shipyards, factories and abandoned residential areas. He transforms materials, by giving them a second life and seeking his personal rebirth through this process.

From Monday 23 May to Wednesday 15 June 2011

Address: Piraeus 206, Tavros, Athens
Information +30 210-3418550

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