Terra Vibe Park (Malakasa) |

Rammstein, the most broadly-discussed band of the decade, is coming to “set ablaze” our country!

Rammstein are notorious, not only because of their music, but mainly because of their impressive live shows, that take one’s breath away!
Every appearance is above all a spectacle, that combines in an unrepeatable way music, light show, costumes and fireworks!

The lighting of their shows is the most extravagant in concert history and is “signed” by the specialist of light design, Gert Hof.
The stage of Terra Vibe Park will be transformed in such a way that it will be able to host hundreds of impressive fireworks, creations of professional pyro-technicians.
All this combined with Rammstein’s unique sound creates
on stage an epic production that promises hot nights and lists their show among the Top 5 of the decade.
Their sound: original, unique, imaginative!

“Liebe Ist Für Alle Da“, is the sixth studio album in the fifteen-year course of the band, and it is with this that they

establish their place in the history of rock.

are coming to make true the motto that their fans created for them
“other bands play, Rammstein burns”!

For the first time in Greece!

Monday 28 June,

Terra Vibe Park!, Malakasa



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