Pope Joan – In search of Emanuel Roidis’ heroine
Athens & Epidavros Festival 2014 |
Written, Adapted and Directed by
Dimitris MavrikiosStage Design
Dimitris Polychroniadis

Costume Design
Eva Nathena

Music – Sound Design
Stathis Skouropoulos

Apostolia Papadamaki

Lighting design
Lefteris Pavlopoulos

Dimitris Mavrikios is staging a production-in-progress based on Emmanuel Roidis’ celebrated Pope Joan (1866) and the writer’s close relationship with his mother. The author of the acclaimed novel, which was banned for a time by the Church, seems to have drawn material for the adventures of the legendary mediaeval female Pope from the astonishing life of his mother, Kornelia Roidi.
With Rania Oikonomidou, joining forces with the director once again after the unforgettable Glass World, Youlika Skafida (Melina Merkouri award, 2014), and Alexandros Varthis.
The production is dedicated to the memory of Aleka Paizi.
The performance is appropriate for mature audiences only

Dimitris Mavrikios

Pope Joan – In search of Emanuel Roidis’ heroine

30-31 July, 21:00

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