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Even if you have never written before, join us to see that you can.

This workshop is for those who want to try their  hand at creative writing. New and published writers welcome. We will use several means to write in class to tap into  our thoughts/ideas  for stories—free writing exercises, writing prompts include photographs, short story lines, poems, one line sentences, etc. . We will read several short stories-analyze them to become aware of  what the  elements of fiction are, how they are used to create powerful stories, how can we apply these elements to the stories we want to tell-whether we want to write memoir, novel, short story, flash fiction.

Some outside reading may be required ( short stories are often discussed in class as they  pertain to style, character, voice, plot).

Goal for the class is to have one story that will be sufficiently developed for eventual submission to a journal contest.  Literary Journals with serious writing contests will be presented so writers can know where to submit work.

Small groups only. LOTS of paper/pen required for class.  Laptop can be used for some writing exercises. If there are any questions about the writing workshop please contact me at: or 6977 464 754  AMALIA MELIS

Amalia Melis created Aegean Arts Circle Creative Writing Workshops in Andros in 2003.  She has published an award winning short story in Glimmer Train Magazine and has written her first novel (currently seeking an agent in the U.S.). She has worked as a hard news and feature writer for over twenty eight years in various U.S. and Greek publications including MS. Magazine, ELLE Magazine, Melbourne Age, Palm Beach Post,  Eleftherotypia, Vima  among others. She is a freelance writer and is working on her second novel.   Two of her wire-metal sculptures  were part of a group show in Berlin, Germany  (March 2010).

For workshop registration Contact Marietta Garbis at  ACS: ( 210) 639 3200, ext. 302.

DATES APRIL 27th, MAY 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

class one: 9:30 am -12:30 pm  class two: 7-9:30  P.M.

Fee: 150 EUROS

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