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The Athens House of Photography has the pleasure of hosting, for the second time, the analogue photography contest, PhotoRaid12 “12 hours, 12 subjects, 12 clicks, 1 film”. The competition will take place on Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th of May 2012 in Athens, at the Athens House of Photography. The contest is organized by the photography team Phasma2.

PhotoRaid is now in its 4th year and is aimed at anyone who is interested in photography and the messages that it can express. It gathers amateur as well as professional photographers of all ages. The particularity of this contest is that there is no designated jury and the winners are chosen by the contestants. The contestants have to photograph 12 subjects with one 12-pose film (35mm, color).

The contestants will receive on Saturday morning their film and the subjects that they will have to photograph. They will then look for the perfect photograph on the streets or in a studio, according to their preference on how they want to stage their work.

The only restriction is that they can only use one click per subject. It is this restriction that makes each minute even more fascinating but at the same time more challenging for the photographer who has to combine thought, imagination and ability.

On Sunday afternoon, all the photographs from the contestants will be presented to the public in order to choose which bodies of work stand out. After the award ceremony, a great party will follow!

The two winners will receive a free spot in a photography seminar organized by the Athens House of Photography. Runner-ups will receive various prizes such as photography books and camera bags.

The fee per person is 18 euros. Tickets can be prepurchased at the Athens House of Photography or on the morning of the competition.

For the organization:
Kamillo Nollas: 69322495695
Iason Demos: 6972 209171

For Press and Media: Selini Efthimiou: 6974455880,

Copyright for image: Xristos Kaplanis / PhotoRaid 2011

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