Philoctetes by Sophocles
Athens & Epidavros Festival 2014 |

Municipal Regional Theatre of Patras & Αρτivities – Kostas Filippoglou

Giorgos Blanas

Kostas Filippoglou

Set & Costume Design
Kenny MacLellan

Lighting Design
Nikos Vlasopoulos

Original Music

Lost Bodies
Froso Korrou

Assistant Director
Erifili Stefanidou

Coordination – Artistic Collaboration
Eleni Kapsabeli

Aimilios Heilakis
Konstantinos Markoulakis
Michael Marmarinos

Kostas Filippoglou, a director who has been very active on the Athenian theatre scene of late, brings together a number of Greek theatre personalities for this production of Philoctetes (409 BC). The director, who in the past acted with the celebrated Τhéâtre de Complicité, assembles a distinguished cast which includes Michael Marmarinos, Konstantinos Markoulakis and Aimilios Cheilakis.
Abandoned on the island of Lemnos by his comrades, Philoctetes comes up against them once again ten years later when they try to trick him out – if they are to conquer Troy, they need the invincible bow Hercules gave him. A tragedy about human pain, abandonment and the association between conscience and politics, honour and duty.
The performance is presented in Greek, with english surtitles
Should you decide to go to the Theatre by using the Intercity Bus you will just have to pay 10,00€. Here you can fill in the respective form
Co-production: Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Patras Municipal Regional Theatre, Aρτivities

18-19 July, 21:00
Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

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