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“PERSEUS and ANDROMEDA” ‘speak’ English and welcome visitors to Athens at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens this Sunday at 11.30 and 15.30. The performance is for the whole family and has english subtitles. Perseus and Andromeda, two mythical heroes brought to life on stage through the creative vision of Karmen Rougeri. Two heroes who speak English and welcome travelers to Athens, sharing with them the magic of this mythical tale on a “tour” through the depths of longstanding Greek culture. The myth of Perseus is brought to the international audience via surtitles in English. Its universal messages and truths touch the soul through this contemporary rendition by the highly regarded director, Karmen Rougeri.
Faithful to its goal to create a focal point for international interest in ancient Greek literature, Greek as well as global legacy, the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation once again is investing in Greece’s precious heritage. Karmen Rougeri, a unique and experienced director, comments: The Michael Cacoyannis Foundation and the performance “Perseus and Andromeda” hope to attract a foreign audience in order to introduce them to the wonders of Greek mythology. The play has been translated into English and surtitles added so that foreigners visiting Greece may have the opportunity to witness a performance of a play which perhaps heralded ancient drama, comedy and tragedy.

The performance tells a very old tale which began when Zeus was transformed into golden rain. This shower of gold came upon Danae, the beautiful princess of Argos, who as a result became pregnant. The child that was born, a child of the gods, would grow up to become one of the most known heroes of all time. A few days after his birth, Perseus finds himself with his mother in a chest which has been thrown to sea. The tide carries the chest to the beautiful island of Serifos. There they are brought ashore by a fisherman named Dictys who gives them shelter and who will later become young Perseus’ mentor.
The years go by quickly, as they do in mythical tales and Perseus grows into a young man and undertakes the task of seeking out the mermaids and beheading Medusa. The road is long and difficult, full of adventure, terror and surprise. Here he will also find love….. Surely there is no myth as magical as that of Perseus and Andromeda. The cast note that: the theatre at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation is equipped with all state of the art means by which the actors and director are able to bring together a truly special performance. Projections and lighting transfer the audience to the various locations of the play. The costumes and scenery are equally magical and the music and songs inspired by Greek tradition. The carefully selected, experienced cast invites the children in the audience to become involved in the performance at various points, so that they may also experience and enjoy the magic of the stage.

Duration: 80min / Tickets: €10


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