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Selections from the EMST CollectionProject Room

The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, presents the screening program “Performance 1964-1976, Selections from the EMST Collection”, from September 7 to October 3.

Through 17 videos this program presents different themes in performance art, like the chance element of early happenings, the relation with different artistic mediums and practices, the focus on the body and on gender and also the dematerialization of the artistic object but also the attempts of documentation through the media of film and video. The screenings will take place in Project Room daily at museum opening times according to the timetable.

Entrance is free

07/09/2010 – 03/10/2010

Curated By: Stamatis Schizaki

Vassileos Georgiou Β 17 -19 & Rigillis Street
Athens, 10675

Telephone: 210 92.42.111 – 3,
Fax: 210 92.45.200

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