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 An increasing number of parents are determined not to repeat the mistakes of their own parents and therefore seek ways to be effective in what is considered by many to be the hardest job in the world. They seek tools that will help them create a family with more love and closeness and less conflict. Parental Effectiveness training (PET) is a parenting training workshop that does exactly that, teaching parents the tools that are based on mutual respect and supported by sound research. Thomas Gordon, the pioneer of this approach, and two times Nobel peace prize nominee, created a parental effectiveness training workshop that provides the parents with the skills to:

listen to their children so they talk: This skill allows the parent to really understand the child’s feelings, often leading to the cause of the problem.

talk to children so they will listen: This skill allows the parent to explain to the child that the behavior is causing the parent a problem. The idea is to inspire the child to want to change the behavior.

problem solve effectively: Children have the right to meet their needs but so do parents. It is when these two needs meet that conflict arises and the relationship between parents and children is tested. To support the loving relationship in the family, a “no-lose” problem solving method is proposed.

Parental Effectiveness Training will take place at

“Friends’ Corner” Archipelagous 14 & Ag.Trifonos, Ano Glyfada.

There will be a total of six meetings:

1st meeting: 15/1/2011

2nd meeting: 22/1/2011

3rd meeting: 5/2/2011

4st meeting: 26/2/2011

5nd meeting: 5/3/2011

6th meeting: 12/3/2011

Every meeting will start at 17.00 and finish at 20.00 except the first one that will finish at 21.00. The maximum number of attendants is 14.

The cost for members of Great Parenthood Greece and Friends’ Corner is 160 euros – including the workbook. Non-member fee is 200 euros. The workbook can be ordered from:

It is strongly advised to have at least skimmed through the text book of PET before the first session (Thomas Gordon: Parental Effectiveness Training: The proven program for raising responsible children).

For more information on PET and to register:

tel. 30-6945 365528


Great Parenthood Greece thanks Patrick for supporting the work we do and his willingness to share his knowledge.

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