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Our Shared Europe seeks to find common ground and build shared values, perspectives and behaviours that are based on mutual respect and trust. In particular, it is about how to acknowledge the contribution of Islamic communities and cultures – both in the past but also in the present – to the shaping of contemporary European civilisation and society.

By recognising the rich and diverse roots of our culture and society we build a more inclusive view of the continent that we all share and avoid a growing sense of alienation emerging between various communities across Europe.

As part of the Our Shared Europe programme, we are organising a series of activities in Athens and Thessaloniki focusing on supporting the ongoing dialogue on mutual respect and understanding with Muslim communities in Europe.

Twice a Stranger

The Twice a Stranger project is a cross-media project about one of the greatest population exchanges of the 20th century, when millions of people were uprooted and forced to move to new homelands.
Athens: 18 September–25 November 2012

The City Speaks Exhibition
Don’t miss the City Speaks Exhibition we’re organising this autumn!
Athens & Thessaloniki: October–December 2012

Evliya Çelebi: The Book of Travels
Don’t miss our exhibition Evliya Çelebi: The Book of Travels, part of our Our Shared Europe project.
Athens: 4 April–26 June 2011
Thessaloniki: 23 December 2011–17 February 2012

International Conference: Integration and Diversity or Segregation and Exclusion?
The conference we are organising in collaboration with the Thessaloniki Municipality and the Open Society Institute At Home in Europe Project will address the fundamental issues of integration and diversity within our societies and cities.
Thessaloniki: 28 & 29 March 2011

IQ2 Debate: Only good can come out of building a mosque in Athens
In collaboration with Intelligence Squared Greece (IQ2), we are organising a debate on a timely topic that will bring high-profile speakers from Greece and Britain together – and against each other – in a heated debate that will give plenty of food for thought.
Athens: 28 February 2011


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