Opportunities & Challenges in a Time of Crisis
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First Event: Women Leading Change
The Institute for Innovation and Creativity at ACS Athens Presents: Opportunities & Challenges in a Time of Crisis – Promoting Positive Dialogue

Panelist Vanessa Adam, originally from New York graduated from Smith College with a BA in Political Science. Between 1984 and 1987 she accepted a position as the principal harpist with the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra. In 1987 she returned to the United States to attend law school graduating with a Jurist Doctorate from Villanova Law School before securing her license to practice in New York State. Following two years of practice with New York City law firms, she opened her own practice in 1992 specializing in litigation and tax certiorari.

In 1994, with her law practice expanding, Ms. Adam, together with her husband, co-founded a live entertainment production company known as Arts, Dance and Music Productions (ADaM Productions) to re-attach with her performance background.

Their small company began working both in the US and in Greece organizing theater productions and music events. As the company rapidly expanded in Greece, she formally retired from the practice of law in 2003 to move to Athens to give her full attention to the growing family entertainment business initiated by ADaM Productions in Greece.

In January of 2007, she opened the Badminton Theater in Athens, and continues to serve as Artistic Director of the theater and Managing Director of the production company.

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