Following a successful tour in Europe (Berlin, Barcelona, Belgrade), OPERA CHAOTIQUE returns to Athens and for the following two months will present at FAUST their twisted approach on Cabaret, Jazz and Opera.

“Operatic singer and pianist Tenorman was singing only with big orchestras.The Voodoo Drummer was performing around the world with Jazz bands.Together now, they mixed two dissimilar genres ,Opera & Jazz.Challenging all the stereotypes they created a novel jazz-opera experience in an international Cabaret evening where characters of opera and musical fame found themselves in the streets of New Orleans.”

The band made their first performance at May 2011 & already has played in succesfull concerts in the city of Berlin ,Barcelona , Athens and Belgrade.

They have also recorded the full play ” Jazz up Opera Show” at the National Radio of Greece. The  project  ” A Jazz up Opera Show” is a show that is more than extraordinary, combining multiple genres of music such as Opera ,Jazz ,Cabaret, Musicals and other, all mixed in a comical story.

They are currently recording the CD “Poems of a Dirty Old Man”  with prototype music in poems by Charles Bukowski.

The band is composed by Tenorman & Voodoo Drummer and in every concert there is always a guest, such as Opera singers, dancers or acrobats.

Members :

Tenorman : Vocals / Piano  & Mystery
Voodoo Drummer : Drums & Tricks
Every Wednesday at FAUST we expect to see the unexpected. Videos, guest musicians, dancers and singers, all mixed up on stage by the the famous chaotique duo.


11 Kalamiotou str.& 12 Athinaidos str.


Wednesday 23/11

Start Time: 22:00

Attendance Time: 21:30

Entrance: 8€

Tel.: +30 210 3234095
Fax: +30 210 3234096

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