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The Athens International Film Festival OPENING NIGHTS COSMOTE, was founded by the Athens Film Society (a Non-Profit Organisation) with the intention of highlighting lesser-known aspects/genres of independent cinema, introducing audiences to some of the best productions of the year and establishing itself as the ideal opening of the upcoming movie season. The Festival was launched in September 1995 and continues successfully until now.

According to a CINEMA magazine survey, the Festival audience roughly consists of 50.000 film-goers, who are interested in learning about the latest movie trends from all over the world and watching the most successful productions of the season before anyone else. Our goal is to present them with a handpicked selection of independent productions from all over the world.



 Ticket and passes pre-sale:

Once again, for eighth consecutive year, the Athens International Film Festival OPENING NIGHTS COSMOTE maintains the same ticket prices, 6 euros, for all evening screenings, resumes morning screenings, which will be open to the public for the ticket price of 4 euros, and for the first time, lowers the price, for the first afternoon screening of each day, in every movie theatre, at 5 euros.

Furthermore, passes will be issued for 10, 20 and 25 screenings respectively while maintaining, as usual, the discount of 50% per screening. In particular, the 10-screening pass will cost 35 euros, the 20-screening pass will cost 60 euros and the 25-screening pass will cost 75 euros.

The pre-sale for the passes will begin on Monday 10th September in the afternoon in all of the festival’s movie theatres (see detailed timetable below), which are the following cinemas: Danaos 1 & 2, Odeon Opera 1 & 2 and Ideal, offering this way a two-day exclusive sale of passes. The buyers of the 25-screening passes will also get a voucher for an invitation to the big premiere one of the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, September 17th to 19th, 11:00 – 18:00 from the Festival’s Press Office (Ianos Library Store: 24 Stadiou Street, 1st floor). Entrance to the screenings will be allowed strictly upon the indication of the pass or the no-value ticket (receipt of purchase).

Tickets will start being sold on Wednesday the 12th of September:  time-table

Lower prices and more free tickets

In spite of the hard times and the crisis, which raises the surrounding feelings of gloom and insecurity, the Athens International Film Festival chooses to see culture as a celebration of hope. Two thousand tickets to unemployed cinephiles, as well as a significant reduction in price tickets (from 4 to 6 euros) are now a feature of this year’s edition, so the Festival can offer the chance to forget everyday problems by watching inspired cinematic creations from all over the world to as many people as possible.

So, apart from keeping for its morning screenings the reduced ticket price of 4 euros (3rd consecutive year) and its evening screenings at 6 euros (8th consecutive year), the Festival has decided on further cuts on ticket prices for the first afternoon screening – in all of our cinemas – which will be sold for 5 euros each! Furthermore, seeking to ease the financial burden on those who were most affected by the financial crisis, the Festival will issue 2,000 tickets to holders of the OAED unemployment card. These tickets will be distributed in the following way

The Festival’s new venues


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