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Dearest friends,

Two events that we are planning at the moment:-) :

*We are going on a guided tour on Thursday 9/2 with our guide Lilly.

The tour will be in French, it’s a walk from the metro station at Syntagma, where Lilly will talk about the excavation there, will go around the Acropolis and in town, and will end at the metro station of Acropolis, after about 2,5 hours.

No tickets to archaeological sites will be needed. In case of bad weather, the planned visits will start from the Byzantine museum and move back in time.

The cost will vary from 8 to 12 euros, according to the number of participants, which cannot be less than 10.

For details, mail us @,

or call: 210-8077073, cell 6937073699

*The other event concerns children.

We are going to the theatre on Sunday 12/2 to see one of the most popular children’s play, called ODYSSEVAH.

It’s a combination of the myth of Odysseas and Sinbad and we cannot describe what a beautiful and entertaining play it is!

We are taking our mythology group there, but also adults.

The play is in Greek.

The ticket costs 14euro/person

For details, mail us @,

or call: 210-8077073, cell 6937073699

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