Odyssey by Robert Wilson:


Winter Season 2012 – 2013: Repertory

Main Stage

by Robert Wilson
After Homer

In co-production with the Piccolo Teatro di Milano

Robert Wilson inspired by the Homeric epos creates a brand new performance on Odysseus and his journey back home with an important ensemble of Greek actors.

Concept, Direction, Set Design and Lighting Concept: Robert Wilson
First performance: 26/10/2012

Robert Wilson, one of the greatest theatre artists internationally, inspired by Homer’s epic, creates a new show with Greek actors for the National Theatre of Greece in co-production with Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’ Europa.

Homer’s Odyssey is an emblematic piece of work, a masterpiece of literature, which incorporates in the most powerful way the course of man towards his roots and his own existence. In Homer’s Odyssey, the main hero, Odysseus, after the war of Troy, is trying to return to his homeland Ithaca. The return trip proves inhumanly difficult. The hero is required to overcome a series of obstacles, trials and adventures involving gods, humans and mythical creatures. But even when he reaches home after ten years he has to face a number of new difficulties to restore order.

Robert Wilson, this avantgarde visionary, creates a performance about this perpetual adventure of life, the immense struggle for survival and the revelation of the essence of life with his unique ability to penetrate into the texts in a radical way, highlighting new elements and dimensions, revealing in a magic way the most contradictory, unexpected elements and combining seamlessly myth and reality. A continuous rotation of scenes and magical images, of myth and life, of fable and history and a concise structure of movement, sound and light reveal the artist’s celebrated aesthetics whilst an ensemble of 17 leading Greek actors from several generations performs a number of different roles during the show.

Odyssey will be presented in Athens from the 26th of October 2012 until the 16th of March 2013 and will then travel to Milan at Piccolo Teatro for three weeks in April 2013.

Concept, Direction, Set Design, Lighting Concept: Robert Wilson
Text: Simon Armitage
Dramaturg: Wolfgang Wiens
Co-Director: Ann-Christin Rommen / Tilman Hecker
Costume Designer: Yashi Tabassomi
Collaborator – Set Design: Stephanie Engeln
Music Supervisor: Hal Willner
Collaborative Lighting Designer: Scott Bolman

Translation in Greek: Yorgos Depastas
Music – piano: Thodoris Oikonomou
Sound Design: Studio 19 – Kostas Bokos, Vassilis Kountouris
Assistant Director: Natassa Triantafylli
Assistant Set Designer: Maria Tsagari
Assistant Costume Designer: Vassiliki Syrma

Sets, props and costumes realized in the Laboratories of Piccolo Teatro di Milano

Konstantinos Avarikiotis, Thanasis Akkokalidis, Yorgos Glastras, Zeta Douka, Stavros Zalmas, Marianna Kavalieratou, Lydia Koniordou, Alexandros Mylonas, Maria Nafpliotou,  Vicky Papadopoulou, Lena Papaligoura, Akis Sakellariou, Yorgos Tzavaras, Apostolis Totsikas, Nikitas Tsakiroglou, Yorgis Tsambourakis, Kosmas Fontoukis

Opening night: Friday, 26 October 2012

Booking starts on the 12th of September 
Box Office (Agiou Konstantinou 22 – 24, Athens) or through credit cards at 0030 210 7234567 and at


22 – 24 Agiou Konstantinou str.

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