“NOW” Group Photography Exhibition

Group Photography Exhibition 23/1/2013 – 31/1/2013

The collective present, the personal present. The present that preserves the memories of the past and is projected on
the future. The time we experience, reflects the culture and the style of each era. It surpasses the local and personal
magnitude and becomes collective. The photography is the art that, more than the others, has the organic relationship with
the sense of the moment.
This exhibition intends to explore the dual essence of now. The click of the photographic camera on one hand immortalizes
the present as we live it all together, and on the other hand imprints the personal version of the artist for the unique,
unprecedented moment. The artists record the present through different looks, giving cruel, ironic, tender and truthful
The spirits of the cities, the “Sandy” hurricane, a flying saucer on the sky of Peloponnese, the marches in Athens, a love story
with a male sex toy, the women of the world, coexist, describing the modern reality in a constantly changing world. A mosaic
from moments that reflects our present, a temporal moment that becomes a past to the immediately next minute.
Participant artists:
Smara Agiakatsika, Mihalis Anastasiou, Christoforos Doulgeris, Nikos Ellinikakis, Dimitris Katsikis, Κonstantinos Katsoulis,
Eleni Kouri, Μaro Kouri, Giannis Konstantinou, Alexandros Lambrovassilis, Αlexis Beveratos, Τita Bonatsou, Thodoris
Papadomarkakis, Κostas Pappas, George Saitas, Μarkos Soukeras, Dimitris Falireas, Katerina Fanouraki, Stratos Fragkou.
Art director: Eva Maragaki e mail
Opening date: Wednesday 23rd of January 2013 at 19.00 p.m.
Opening hours: Mon-Frid: 10.00-13.00 & 18.00-21.00 Sat-Sun: 11.00-20.00
GREEKFRENCH CONNECTION, 2 Kolonaki Sq., Αthens 106 73, tel. 210 3606231
The exhibition is under the aegis of “Vorres Museum”.

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