Noh Theatre: The Sutra of Great Wisdom

photo: Old Noh and Kyogen Illustrations from the Early Edo Era
Noh: The T’ang Ship


Dai-Hannya (noh)

In the Western world of which we are part, a world committed to discovering the new and rewarding the innovative,

it’s hard to really comprehend the Far Eastern concept of a traditional art. The Noh theatre took shape in late 14th-century Japan,

and has been a living art-form ever since. Rokuro Umewaka represents the 17th generation of actor-directors in the company

that will be presenting a small sample of this complex theatrical form at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus; a tradition considered closer

to ancient tragedy than any other in the history of world theatre.

Directed by Rokuro Gensho Umewaka

Sanbaso (kyogen)
Performed by Norishige Yamamoto, Hiroyoshi Endo, Norihide Yamamoto

Musicians: Manabu Takeichi, no-kan (flute),  Tatsushi Narita, ko-tsuzumi (shoulder drum), Hirotada Kamei, o-tsuzumi (knee drum)

Dai-Hannya (Noh)
Performed by Rokuro Gensho Umewaka, Yukinori Takao, Naotaka Kakuto, Takayuki Matsuyama, Kohei Kawaguchi, Kenkichi Tonoda, Norihide Yamamoto

Stage assistant prompter): Shintaro Ban

Chorus:  Yoshimasa Kanze, Masamichi Yamazaki, Motonori Umewaka, Mitsuru Furukawa, Akihiro Takao, Hiromichi Tamoi

Musicians: Manabu Takeichi, no-kan (flute),  Tatsushi Narita, ko-tsuzumi (shoulder drum),  Hirotada Kamei, o-tsuzumi (knee drum),  Masato Kodera, taiko (stick drum)

Production: KOROKU, Dance West, Umewaka-kai
In Cooperation with Japan Arts Council ; National Noh Theatre
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the Fiscal 2010


16 June 2010, 21:00

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

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