No Failure Only Feedback – Eliminating Disappointment
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We are privileged at Friends Corner to have a fantastic network of supporters and advisors.
These supporters and advisors are not just experts in their field but, through their contributions to our club, have enabled us to take a peek into what they do, and importantly, we are given the chance to witness how their workings can enhance our own lives and, subsequently, those of our children.
This coming week, one such occasion allows for just that.
Wednesday 11 March for one hour beginning at 17:30 will host the second in a series of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) seminars by the good people at EQnomics
A couple of weeks ago, a successful introduction took place under the heading: How Does Our Brain Work?
This seminar gave an explanation of what the three letters of the NLP system mean and the synthesis of sciences behind it, before a discussion regarding the workings taking place in our and our children’s brains was had. Additionally, an interesting insight into the brain’s three perceptual filtering mechanisms took place.
On Wednesday, Friends Corner invites its members and friends to come along for tea, cake and a thought-provoking seminar under the heading:
@No Failure Only Feedback – Eliminating Disappointment
Here, our hosts will be helping us to understand the human learning process that utilises our three pre-wired perceptual filtering mechanisms. Linguistics learning will also be touched on by looking at words and phrases that create useful emotional states and facilitate learning and developing. And, suggested ‘frames’ that work towards effective communication and issue resolution, benefiting both parents and their offspring, are also on the agenda.
Please come along and enjoy an enlightening seminar and a hot cup of tea.
Participation is free for members of Friends Corner.
15 euros for non-members (50% donation to F.C.)
We look forward to seeing you there!
The Friends Corner Team

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