Nikolaos Gyzis: The Great Painter
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Nikolaos Gyzis is considered one of the most important painters of Greece of 19th century. He was born in the island of Tinos, an island known for its artistic wealth. In 1850 his family settled in Athens and soon started his studies in Athens School of Fine Arts, which helped him to develop his artistic skills. In 1865 he won a scholarship and went to continue his studies in Munich, where he settled for his rest of his life. He gained great popularity in Munich as a painter and in 1886 became professor of the Academy. At the beggining of 1870s returned to Greece for several years, after which period produced a number of Greek themes in his paintings. He went to back to Munich and around 1890s he took a turn toward religious themes. His paintings are today exhibited at museums and private collections in Germany, Greece and elsewhere

photo: Grandma and Children by Nicolaos Gyzis (oil Painting)

source: Art of Painting – Nikolaos Gyzis

8 November 12 – 3 February 13


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