NATALIA MELA: in paper

Sometimes you can’t tell whether you like an artist because of his artworks or vice versa!

That’s the case with Natalia Mela, one of the artists that we love and whose work we always find intriguing!

Please GO to her exhibition! You ‘ll see a world of art that you don’t expect!

(photos by LIVIN’ LOVIN’)

From the exhibition catalogue “in paper”:

Natalia Mela began working “in paper” a few months after the big retrospective exhibition of her work at he Benaki Museum, in 2008. She had just recovered from the cooling-down and inertia phase, which follows events of such moment, and she wanted to focus and re-connect with her creativity. She herself admitted to me that her workshop – a space where metal processing takes place, and heavy machinery demands the daily presence of at least one workman -, did not seem to her appropriate for the mind approach she had in mind.







Paper and scissors, which, in Nata’s hands, acquire almost infinite expressive potential, seemed to be the ideal material for her new venture, while allowing her to work, every day, in her more familiar surroundings. She knew how to handle both well, ever since she had discovered that with them she could “draw” even better than with a pencil….

editorial by Alecos VI Levidis (September 2012)











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