My Greek Odyssey:
Livin' and Lovin' it in Greece |

Read this book if:

  *You wish to get a brilliant and detailed description of what Greece was like in the ’60s and ’70s.

  *You want to enjoy a great read.

  *You haven’t read a book that you can’t put down for some time.

Also read this book because it was written by my first and best English teacher and very old friend, and because I want to share his experiences with all of you!

Katerina Tsitsipi



A Memoir of the Sixties and Seventies in Greece


In 1965 I went to Greece on a Fulbright Grant to teach English as a Foreign Language to students at the University of Athens. My wife, Suzanne, and I traveled on the Greek Liner Queen Frederika. When we stepped aboard to the strain of “Never on Sunday” I sensed we were setting out on a great and much anticipated adventure, unaware that half a lifetime would pass before I would return to the United States.

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