The most dangerous spots in Greece …
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translated into English from www.life.gr

52nd – 54th km Thessalonikis – Moudianon

 149th -152nd km PATHE (new road)  ΠΑΘΕ

10th km Bralou Fthiotidas

27th -67th km (new road) PATHE

47th – 58th km Athinon – Korinthou

212nd – 238th km Egnatias Odou

10th km Artas – Trikalon

23rd km Antiriou – Ioanninon

 21st – 31st Patron – Pyrgou

136th – 146th km Athinon – Patron

40th -49th km Areopolis – Kalamatas

4th 20th km Rodou – Lindou

60th km Rethimnou – Irakliou

11th km Hanion – Kissamou

source: www.lifo.gr

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  1. admin says:

    These are the spots given by the traffic police where most road accidents have occurred over the years, due to low visibility, high speeding, the roads gets narrow suddenly, etc

  2. sandie says:

    Hi Katerina,

    Kalo Pascha! I’m sorry, but I haven’t understood what these spots are the most dangerous for if travelling….. What are these dangers?????


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