Modern Greek literature into German & French !!

Remember our article about Greek literature books translated into English? We’ve got news for you! We’ve found great books translated into German and French as well!

SchattenhochzeitTbWe were determined (and still are) to expand your knowledge of Modern Greek writers and we have been looking around quite thoroughly. First we found KEDROS books in English, then books in Spanish at LIBRERIA ESPANOLA, and now we found a treasure of books in French at KAUFFMANN (28,Stadiou str. tel.2103222160),one of our favorite bookstores in Athens – and one of the oldest, too -and books in German at NOTOS (15,Omirou str., opposite Goethe Institute, tel.2103629746).

Both of them have several books we’ve read and loved. If you need advice about what to choose, contact us or visit:

KAUFFMANN does not have all their books on their site, so either go there (we’d be glad to go with you) or contact us.

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