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Mísia is a pioneer, a free spirit.

Her life has been shaped by musical, poetic and geographic journeys – certainly a requirement for an artist who grew up filled with a wild exuberance under the influence of two cultures: her father’s quiet Portuguese bourgeois background and the artistic Spanish world of her grandmother and mother.

Her childhood was spent in Porto, her native city, where she first sang fado for the working-class audiences that flocked to the casas de fado. Then, as a young adult, she chose to move to Barcelona, beginning a career of paste gems, feathers and nudity in the legendary cabarets of the Paralelo (Catalonia’s Broadway), where the indiscretions of the destape (the period of rampant sexual liberation immediately following Franco’s death) were reflected with varying degrees of success in the shows’ kitsch costumes, extravagant make-up and stilted codes. In any case, one way or another, Mísia intended to acquire the tricks of the trade.

Later, she decided to move to post-movida Madrid, a city of nightlife. Now came the first true shows, the Eton crop, the geometrical fringe and personality… Every morning for several months, trooper Mísia learned five new songs from the vast repertoire of international pop and sang them on television.

After a great deal of experimentation (without ever deciding exactly how to express her artistic vocation), Mísia – who had not forgotten the revelatory fado of her teenage years or the ambience of the dark, smoky casas de fado packed with every kind of audience – decided to return home. She settled in Lisbon with a definite ambition: to perform HER fado. For the first time in her life, she had a very clear idea of what she wanted to do.

When she arrived, she began to discover the hostility directed towards fado since the fall of the Salazar dictatorship. Fado had been used by the authorities as a tool for propaganda, repression and mental manipulation. Aside from a few great poems, its songs conveyed the ethos of a humble, poor Portugal, lacking in ambition, but contented….

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