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The legendary life of Mikis Theodorakis, Greece’s best-known living musician, songwriter and world-famous composer, is transposed on stage by a talented 35 member cast at Badminton Theater. A unique journey through the history of modern Greece from 1922 to the present day through Mikis Theodorakis’ incomparable life, music and songs.

From his humble beginnings on the island of Hios, to his worldwide recognition, Mikis Theodorakis has lived an inspirational and adventurous life. Rebellious by nature, inspired and creative, he remains a rare phenomenon as a creator to be honored and revered for generations to come.

The show guides us through his life, revealing and vibrant, intertwined with the most important social and political events of the last century; a coexistence of music and poetry and his encounters with other personalities who have also had a strong impact on modern Greek culture such as Hadjidakis, Elitis, Ritsos, Seferis, Gatsos.

More than 50 of his songs, inextricably associated to the desires and needs of an entire nation, are connected to the recent history of Greece. His legacy is brought to life on stage where theatre, dance, music and cinema admirably mingle into perfection in honor of this exceptional man.

Cast: Grigors Valtinos, Filareti Komninou // Alexandra Sakkellaropoulou, Aris Lembesopoulos, Elissavet Moutafi, Christos Plainis, Marouska Panagiotopoulou, Konstantinos Giannakopoulos, Kostas Velentzas, Natasha Zagli, Konstantinos Famis, Yiannis Mathes, Irini Kyrmizaki, Tzortzina Palaiotheodorou, Erika Bigiou, Pinelopi Sergounioti, Maria Gerodimou, Iraklis Kostakis, Iris Mara, Yiorgos Nousis, Efthymis Balagiannis, Yiannis Sofologis, Panayiotis Gourzoulidis, Vassilis Zois, Eleanna Finokalioti, Eleni Vaitsou, Natasa Sarantopoulou and many more.

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Singers: Kostas Makedonas, Yiota Nega, Kostas Thomaidis and Anna Linadrou

Music: Mikis Theodorakis
Scenario-Direction: Themis Moumoulidis
Set: Yiorgos Patsas
Costumes: Panayiota Kokkorou
Choreographies: Apostolia Papadamaki
Orchestration: Yiannis Papazahariakis
Lights: Nikos Sotiropoulos

Production: Michail Adam

Premiere: MAY 10, 2013, at 20.45,

24/5, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31,

1/6, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. ATHENS


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