Michail Marmarinos & ΝΟH Theatre – Nekyia

“From now on remember that the dead cast no shadow, nor do they open and close their eyes” – Plutarch


Michael Marmarinos stages Book 11 from Homer’s The Odyssey and Gensho Umewaka transforms
Odysseus’ descent into Hades in the manner of Noh theatre. The metaphysical poetry and austere minimalism of the theatrical language of Japan meet the epic poetry of Homer in a joint descent into the world of the dead. The elusiveness of the “other” world acquires tragic substance at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus in a performance under the aegis of the Greek Festival, in which the question of life after death becomes a crowning theatrical event.

In Japanese with Greek & English surtitles.

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

24-25 July 2015
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