Michael Glawogger Tribute & Masterclass in Athens
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Dear Friends of Austrian culture!

This time we would like to inform you about the presentation of films of the famous Austrian documentary filmmaker Michael Glawogger. “Exile Room” (Athinas 12, and the Greek Film Archive (Iera Odos 48 & Megalou Alexandrou 134-136, will show on 8th, 15th and 20th March his impressive trilogy on the effects of globalization, consisting of the films “megacities”, “Working man’s Death” and “Whore’s Glory”.
Michael Glawogger will be present during the presentation of “Whore’s Glory” on 20th March at “Exile Room”. Moreover, he will he will give a master class on 19th March.

Michael Glawogger’s visit in Athens is supported by the Austrian Embassy.

Liebe Freunde österreichischer Kultur!

Wir möchten Sie diesmal auf die Präsentation von Filmen des bekannten österreichischen Dokumentarfilmers Michael Glawogger hinweisen. „Exile Room“ (Athinas 12;  und das Griechische Filmarchiv (Iera Odos 48 & Megalou Alexandrou 134-136; zeigen am 8., 15. bzw. 20. März seine beeindruckende Trilogie zu den Auswirkungen der Globalisierung bestehend aus den Filmen „Megacities“, „Workingman’s Death“ und „Whore’s Glory“.

Michael Glawogger wird bei der Präsentation von „Whore’s Glory“ am 20. März in „Exile Room“ auch persönlich anwesend sein. Darüber hinaus gibt er am 19. März eine Meisterklasse.

Der Besuch Michael Glawoggers in Athen wird von der Österreichischen Botschaft unterstützt.




Exile Room, in collaboration with the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival and the Greek Film Archive, and with the support of the Austrian Embassy in Athens, sets you up on a date with Michael Glawogger, the man who makes documentaries look like fiction and fiction look like a documentary. His most important tool is a 35mm camera and no scruples when it comes to manipulating reality to the extend that he doesn’t betray it. Besides, if you’ve got any questions you can always ask him yourself!

Celebrating the completion of his monumental Globalization Trilogy on the subject of human toil (1998-2011), Exile Room lures him to Athens for three screenings and a Masterclass you won’t be forgetting in a hurry.


Thursday 8/3 at 21:00 @ Exile Room

Megacities (90ʼ), documentary 1998

Hard-working city dwellers and bums alike are fighting for survival in four megacities that threaten to eat them alive. Twelve unusually resourceful people stand out from the crowd, spiking their hard-knock life with fleeting moments of happiness and unparalleled inner freedom.

Free entrance, English subtitles.

Thursday 15/3 at 21:00 @ Exile Room
Workingman’s Death (122ʼ) documentary, 2005

If you think the credit crunch has pushed you to extremes, you’ve obviously never heard of this movie. But here’s the thing: although each and every character goes to hell and back to bring home the bacon, they never lose pride in what they do, even if it’s only second to the labours of Hercules…

Free entrance, English subtitles.

Tuesday 20/3 at 20:00 @ The Greek Film Archive
Whore’s Glory (110ʼ) documentary, 2011

Sex workers in Bangladesh, Mexico and Thailand dream of a better life, while Michael Glawogger drowns their misery in living color. But no matter how beautiful the photography and how sensuous the soundtrack – featuring the inimitable Polly Harvey – nothing can ease their nightmarish existence. Not when they’ve got both feet stuck in the mire, even if some of then still have their head in the clouds.

Entrance at 7 Euros, Greek & English subtitles.


Monday 19/3, 13:00 – 16:00 @ Exile Room

All you have to do is watch one Michael Glawogger film and you’ll be stuch with a million questions: why does he make his life so hard by shooting on 35mm? How does his elaborate visual style bode with reality? And how in the world does he manage to spy on such intimate moments without meddling in people’s lives? Michael Glawogger talks about his own version of non-fiction filmmaking that’s bound to blow your mind whether you agree with him or not!

Free entrance, Masterclass in English.

————  ADDRESS ————

Exile Room: 12 Athinas St, 3rd floor, across from the Monastiraki Metro Station (tel 210

The Greek Film Archive: Cnr 48 Iera Odos & 134-136 Megalou Alexandrou Sts, Keramikos Metro Station (tel 210 3609695)

————  PHOTO  & TRAILER ————

For a snapshot of Michael Glawogger click here. For the Megacities trailer click here and for hi-res images click here. For the Workingman’s Death trailer click here and for hi-res images click here. For the Whore’s Glory trailer click here and for hi-res images click here.

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