Dearest friends,

Today we are going to analyse a word that is very widely used these days, the word MELANCHOLY.
The word was borrowed by the Greek ΜΕΛΑΓΧΟΛΙΑ and is used in many languages, ie melancolie, Melancholie, etc.

Well, the word has an interesting background. It comes from MELAS(=black) and CHOLI(= bile) and it refers to someone deep in black bile, therefore glum, sad. The idea that the human feelings are related to a good balance of body fluids was very widespread in the antiquity.

Hippocrates taught that these fluids are: blood, bile, black bile and phlegm. Consequently, if the black bile prevails, you get the feeling of discontent, sorrow, ….something like the way we are feeling now!

BUT…….., to make you feel better, look at a photo of autumn leaves and flowers I picked last weekend in Evia!
You know, MY CHORIO(=my village)

Warm greetings to all of you.

*As always, info from G. Babiniotis’:  “Etymology Dictionary of Modern Greek”


  1. what beautiful colours and how pretty and uplifting to see your pictures….
    Brings a smile to your face!

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