at the Central Market of Rendis


We love fish, we eat fish, BUT we did not know much about Greek fish, their names, methods of cooking, which one is the king of all, which ones have the most Ω3, and a lot more.

This is part of our “Meet the Greek products” visits which we’ve organized for the English speaking community “Newcomers in Athens”, as well as for the French community Athènes Accueil“. The photos are from both visits.


Thanassis, the fish monger, in fluent English explained everything, answered all our questions, and showed us the fish “live”

Another thing that people loved was the rest of the shops in the market, like the amazing butcher shop, the fruit and vegetable shop, the cheese shop, and all the others.

We stayed there a lot longer than we had expected, just to look around and do our weekly provisions.

Then, as always, we went to the one and only taverna in the market for a lunch with….fish, of course!

So, now we know!

photos by Paulette & Giannis


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