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Maria del Mar Serrano Rebollo, “Maria Serrano”was born in Seville (Spain). From her earliest childhood on she was taught flamenco by Seville’s best and most famous flamenco teachers. José Galván, Los Gitanillos de Bronce, Juan Manuel, Farruco, to name just a few, very soon recognised her sensitivity and power. Very soon she travelled half the world with famous ensembles such as Meme Menjibar, Javier Barón, Carmen y Carmelilla Montoya, Antonio “El Pipa”. In 1993 André Heller chose her for his production “Magneten” and in that show she enchanted the audience in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for six months. The Austrian “NEWS” even named her the “Voodoo Queen” of flamenco. In the years 1995 until 1998 Maria Serrano was touring with different companies all over Europe. For the Bienal de Arte Flamenco 2000 in Sevilla she founded for the first time her own company: the Compañia Maria Serrano and presented in her hometown Sevilla “RITMO Flamenco-Cubano” in a premiere. Choreographer was an good old friend: Manolo Marin, one of the most renowned in his field. In 2001 the company produced “Entre Flamencos” and in 2002 Maria Serrano presented for the first time her own interpretation of the Carmen myth. In 2004 followed “FlamenTango” which had been presented for the first time on the prestigious Budapest Spring Festival. In  2007 presented for the first tima a solo performance called “Flamenco por derecho” and the show “Balkan Flamenco” together with Hungarian musicians and dancers from the Hungarian National Ballet. Since the foundation the Compañia Maria Serrano has toured in countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Rumania, Norway, Northern Irland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukrania, Turkey, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Greece, Taiwan, Macedonia, Poland, Mexico and Italy.

Maria Serrano is a volcanic phenomenon.
She dances her inspiration into purity.
Sometimes one gets the impression
that she is obsessed with jumping devils
and only a few moments later
she totally belongs to the deepest melancholies.
Her art´s home is always in the magic.
It cannot be explained, only admired.

André Heller (famous austrian poet, director and producer)

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7/3/2012 – 11/3/2012

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