María Pagés “Utopía”
Athens Concert Hall (Megaro Mousikis) |

Utopia, María Pagés’ latest show, is an artistic and ethical research on nonconformity and yearning. A piece that deals with solidarity, commitment, exile, the fleetingness of Life, the littleness of Man in a cosmos that is indifferent to his miseries and greatness and – now more necessary than ever – the need for imagination and idealism as the necessary motors of change. Flamenco dance, staged in a scenario inspired by the curved lines of Oscar Niemayer’s drawings, music written specifically for the show and played live (including a samba called Tranquilo com a vida composed by Oscar himself and sung by the singer-songwriter Fred Martins), are the hallmarks of this latest creation by the Maria Pagés Dance Company.

Organized by WE PROMOTION


Alexandra Trianti Hall


8,9 November 2013/20:00
10 November 2013/19:00

Students, unemployed: € 19
Zone C: € 38
Zone B: € 48
Zone A: € 58
Grand Tier: € 70

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