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In the heady days of Greece’s victory over the Persians at Marathon, Fedima, a Persian, falls in love with Alexander, the Macedon warrior. She has followed him all the way to Greece, but he abandons her. As she searches for him in Athens together with her child, the product of their affair, Alexander announces to the Athenians that Xerxes wishes to make peace. Themistocles tells him that the Greeks would rather die than live as slaves. Myrto, Themistocles’ daughter, falls instantly in love with Alexander. Fedima is heartbroken, but Themistocles helps her get back on her feet.
Before the Battle of Salamis, Fedima enters the Persian camp and convinces Xerxes that the Greeks have lost all hope. Shortly after, Alexander attacks Fedima with a dagger, calling her a snake that has bitten the bosom that gave her life. As she lays dying, she tells him that she did not betray Themistocles: The general himself had sent her to Xerxes to put him off the scent. Remorseful, the Macedonian warrior sinks the dagger into his own heart…
The Greeks triumph. Themistocles, together with Myrto and Fedima’s child, see Alexander dead and the young Persian woman dying. Fedima tells them that she is happy to die beside the man she loves and that her child finally found a father, as Greece has won.

Conductor Byron Fidetzis
Director Issidoros Sideris
Sets – Costumes Yannis Metsikoff
Choreography Kyriakos Cosmides
Lighting design Costas Blogouras
Lighting director Nikos Ergazakis
Band conductor Giorgos Aravides

The Greek National Opera Orchestra and Choir
Choirmaster Nikos Vassileiou

Fedima Cellia Costea (29, 31 Oct.), Sophia Kyanidou (30 Oct., 2 Nov.)
Themistocles Tassis Christoyannis (29, 31 Oct.), Kyros Patsalides (30 Oct., 2 Nov.)
Alexander Yannis Christopoulos (29, 31 Oct.), Antonis Koroneos (30 Oct., 2 Nov.)
Myrto  Marissia Papalexiou (29, 30, 31 Oct., 2 Nov.)
Poet Margarita Varlamou
Priest Tassos Apostolou
Xerxes Dimitris Kassioumis
Pythia Artemis Bogri (29, 31 Oct.), Roza Poulimenou (30 Oct., 2 Nov.)

Ticket prices €80, €70, €60, €50, €40, €30, €20
Children, students €15

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29, 30, 31 October / 2 November 2010

Starts 20.00


59 Akadimias st.
106 79 Athens
Tel. 2103643725

Nearest stop “Panepistimio” exit “Library”

The theatre is in 100 m distance from the starting point of more than 30 buses to most destinations in Attica (on Akadimias st.)

Lines 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13.

Car parks
There are two open car parks in 100m distance from the theatre in Charilaou Trikoupi st and there is also a closed parking space in the corner of Zoodochou pigis st. and Akadimias st.

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