making traditional melomakarona & kourambiedes !

IMGP1370IMGP1385Just before Christmas we got together with a very ambitious plan:

we were determined to make the traditional Greek Christmas cookies called melomakarona and kourambiedes.

The task proved a highly challenging one…


Even my mom, who, believe me, is a terribly strict judge, approved! The evening achieved its goal and we also had lots of fun, as you can guess from the photos.

We hope to see you as well next year!


PS: the date on the photos is wrong due to malfunction of the camera



the team on the GO !


mixing ingredients


caster sugar on the kourambiedes is a must


moving on to… melomakarona mission


non-idle hands !



KE TOU CHRONOU (next year again !)

7 Replies to “making traditional melomakarona & kourambiedes !”

  1. Teyzeeee, Happy New Year & hope you’ll make the same cookies here as well …

  2. I wish a wonderful year to you and yours delicious cookies melomakarona and kourambides…

    Happy new year.. Take care…

  3. All of them look delicious by the way I have to taste :))))

    We wish all of you healthy, wealthy new year…

  4. Happy New Year Pinar. The cookies look good-yummy! It appears from the pictures that you enjoyed making them.

  5. All my wishes for a happy and helthy new year.
    I am sure that the cakes are delicious as seen on the photos.


  6. It looks great, I missed to cook with friends, thanks for reminding.

    Pınar, let’s have a party when you come to Izmir and prepare the food together.

    I wish a wonderful year with delicious meal and perfectly pairing wine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. It was the most fabulous experience to make those traditional cookies while having nice time all together. Belive me it definitly worths to gain few pound to eat them all christmas time..

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