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We’re cheering on the XXX Olympiad in London by organising a series of celebrations of Olympic proportions in Athens and throughout Greece!

Fair Play: Promoting the Olympic Spirit
In collaboration with the National Hellenic Research Foundation, we’re dedicating Sunday 13 May to the spirit of the OlympicGames through a wide variety of events including theatre, exhibitions, talks and book presentations, in which a number of distinguished athletes and educators will be taking part.
Athens: 13 May 2012

From Ancient Olympia to London
Between 10 and 17 May the Olympic Torch will travel throughout Greece and the British Council team will follow it from Crete to Serres presenting a series of educational programmes, including the Big Dance programme, in schools.
Throughout Greece: 10–17 May 2012

Big Dance
On the occasion of the arrival of the Olympic Torch in London, we’re organising Big Dance, the largest dance programme for schools in the world and part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.
Athens: 18 May 2012

Athens Plaython Olympic Games
In collaboration with the Athens Plaython team, we will transform Kolonaki Square into an Olympic stadium, where children will have the opportunity to play games and create their own original Olympic sports.
Athens: 27 May 2012

Imagine Peace
In collaboration with the International Olympic Truce Centre and the British Embassy, we’re proud to present Imagine Peace, an educational programme aimed at familiarising students with the meaning of the Olympic Truce.
May–June 2012

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